David Dapice

Senior Economist, Vietnam Public Policy Program

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Program Involvement

Vietnam Public Policy Program

David Dapice is the leading expert on the economic development of Southeast Asia and has worked extensively in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. He was the principal advisor to the Indonesian Ministry of Finance when this country enjoyed its period of rapid growth. He is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Tufts University, where served as Chair of the Economics Department. He has taken leave at the World Bank (as a Brookings Policy Fellow in 1976-77), the Rockefeller Foundation (1980-81), and the Harvard Institute for International Development (1990-91). He has studied the Vietnamese economy since the late 1980s, with a particular emphasis on macroeconomic issues, public investment policy, and regional development. Dapice’s expertise on matters of economic policy is regularly sought by the Vietnamese government. He is authored or co-authored a number of policy studies including “Choosing Success: The Lessons of East and Southeast Asia and Vietnam’s Future.”