Pham Thi Hong Ha

Unseen Legacies of the Vietnam War Project

Ha Pham is a senior researcher specializing in Modern Vietnamese History at the Institute of History, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Her research focuses on the Vietnam War and its intricate and multi-faceted legacies. Pham has served as the lead researcher in various projects related to Vietnamese history, with a particular emphasis on examining the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. She also investigates the efforts of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to address the consequences of the conflict through collaboration with other countries and international organizations.

With extensive experience in utilizing primary archival materials from diverse sources, Ha Pham is particularly adept at navigating Vietnam’s archival centers, the archives of the Central Office of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. Additionally, she possesses significant expertise in conducting research through oral histories. Ha Pham has organized interviews with former high-ranking officials in the government of the Republic of Vietnam, veterans of the Vietnam wars, as well as wives and mothers of fallen soldiers.

Ha Pham joins the Unseen Legacies of the Vietnam War Project, serving as the country representative for the Harvard research team in Vietnam. In this role, she contributes by verifying information related to fallen soldiers and facilitating the delivery of findings to their relatives and families.