Er Li Peng

Research Fellow, AY 2022-24

Er Li Peng headshot

Er Li Peng is a Master in Public Policy candidate at Harvard Kennedy School currently working as a Research Fellow at the Ash Center on AAPI affairs and policy initiatives. Additionally, she is a Research Assistant at the Belfer Center focusing on blockchain for urban governance research. Er Li is pursuing a concurrent Master in Business Administration degree at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to HKS, she worked for five years as a data scientist and management consultant at IBM, where she used machine learning and big data analytics to discover insights and deliver actionable results for public sector clients at the federal and state level. She is also very involved with grassroots nonprofits focused on food insecurity and economic development in New York City and Maine. Er Li grew up in South Portland, Maine and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and mathematics from Dartmouth College.