Giang Trinh

Lead Researcher,
Unseen Legacies of the Vietnam War Project

Headshot of Giang Trinh

Giang Trinh is a researcher with the Ash Center’s Unseen Legacies of the Vietnam War project. With her background in the Vietnam War and Vietnamese histories, she supports the project’s work extracting and reviewing high-value information from the Vietnam War’s battlefield documents. She is also responsible for returning essential information gleaned from the project’s research to family members and descendants of those missing or killed in action.

As a member of the History Department faculty at Hanoi National University of Education in Vietnam since 2008, Trinh has worked extensively examining battlefield documents and oral histories as part of her work exploring the Vietnamese perspectives of the Vietnam War, the Sino-Vietnamese relationship, and the U.S – Vietnamese relations during and after the Cold War. Giang Trinh is currently a Ph.D. candidate in History at Texas Tech University.