Haegun Chung

Post-Masters Research Fellow, June 2023-June 2024

Haegan Chung headshot

Intrigued by the intricate intersections of global supply chains and tech policy, Haegun Chung is currently researching industrial policies surrounding EV battery production. His recent graduation thesis delved into the regulatory endeavors of tech-receptive nations such as the European Union, India, Australia, and Indonesia, as they grapple with overseeing major tech corporations. In addition, he helped leading telecommunication companies in Southeast Asia formulate innovative business strategies.

As a Fulbright graduate scholarship recipient, Haegun studied public policy at Harvard Kennedy School with a Business and Government Policy concentration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and international studies from Korea University. A former military intelligence officer of the Republic of Korea Army, he was awarded the U.S. Joint Service Achievement Medal twice, as well as the Van Deman Award for his contribution to U.S. military operations.