Jie (Summer) Zhao

Visiting Fellow, AY2022-2024

Jie Zhao headshot

Dr. Jie Zhao roots her academic research deeply in first-hand data-mining, intention measurement, and decision-making modeling, based on clinical lab-experiments, semi-field experiments, behavioral experiments, unscripted simulations, as well as face-to-face interviews. With clinical methods, she cultivates the fields of crisis management, risks identification and model assessment by measuring internal policies, media strategies, information transfer, as well as government transparency. She is extremely capable at designing and developing experiments within special groups. In the past 8 years, she has worked within the only state-level crisis and risk management laboratory in Shanghai, providing training to senior officials, national politicians and company leaders from all over the world.

Jie earned her Ph.D. on Political Science at Fudan University in 2012. She gained her first Post-Doctorate in Economics at Fudan University and her second Post Doctorate in Sociology at Ghent University in Belgium. She has won the LOTUS + Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and rewards from the European Union as a post-doctorate fellow during 2015-2016.