Philip Jordan

Nonresident Senior Fellow AY2023-2024

Phil Jordan headshot

Philip Jordan is the Vice-President of BW Research Partnership, leading the firm’s Massachusetts office. His work focuses on the impact of talent on economic prosperity and sustainable communities, and his personal passion is developing solutions that provide expanded opportunities for the most difficult to serve populations. Jordan has extensive experience studying the innovation economy, in particular, clean energy and ICT. He has authored dozens of reports including The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Jobs Census, the Natural Resource Defense Council’s American Wind Farms Report, Solar and Wind Labor Market Analyses for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, statewide clean energy studies for nine states, and numerous local reports for workforce boards, community colleges, and municipalities. He recently published a book with El Sevier on the global solar industry. Phil has worked in private industry, academia, and government, including the California Community Colleges, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States Senate.