Ronen Medzini

Post-Masters Research Fellow, July 2023-July 2024

Ronen Medzini headshot

Ronen Medzini is a career diplomat and senior political strategist in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) with a decade of experience in creating and conducting foreign policy. He served as Political Advisor to the MFA’s Director-General, as Head of the Political Department at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, and as Head of Communications at the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Ronen specializes in research on China’s foreign relations as well as its domestic and national security reforms.

Prior to his diplomatic career, Ronen was a journalist and senior correspondent for Israeli and international media, leading in-depth research and reporting on domestic and Middle Eastern political affairs. He graduated from Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s in Public Administration (class of 2023) and holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Asia Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research at the Ash Center focuses on deciphering the determining elements of a major power competition in a bipolar global system and the race for resources and technologies shaping the 21st century.