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China’s Most Generous: Examining Trends in Contemporary Chinese Philanthropy (2019 Update)

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This annual report highlights leading results from the most recent data analysis of the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center’s China Philanthropy Project. Our team gathered 2019 data on over 20,000 donations from 7,166 foundations, 1,220 charitable organizations, and 2,597 universities in China. To focus on elite giving, we further refined our analysis to 4,434 donations of over RMB 1 million (US$0.14 million), given by 4,070 unique donors. The resulting report on top individual, corporate, and organizational philanthropy provides an important view into current trends among China’s major donors and recipients.

In 2019, elite Chinese giving:

  1. was dominated by large organizations (most commonly corporations) rather than individuals,
  2. supported in large part central government policy priorities in the areas of education and poverty alleviation, and
  3. remained fairly local in scope.


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